Ukraine Situation Updates
04-30-2022 I've heard that @femotoevo is once again accepting shipments from the USA. Message them for more details. 03-18-2022 Visconti Tuning is still sending ECUs to Femto for clones and unlocks.

Contact them with for more information.
03-01-2022 Due to the ongoing situation in Ukraine, Femto is not accepting any orders from outside of Europe. The following still applies, however, you are currently unable to send your ECU in for an unlock from the United States.

I will update this notice as the situation changes.


2021+ Locked ECU Edition

Step 1

It's locked AF -> tune with JB4

Step 2

ECU to Russia, cloned to spare 2020, full unlock -> Full custom tuning (FCT—Map Switching, Reflex, Port Injection etc.)

Step 3


ECU to Russia, no cloning, partial unlock -> Calibration tunes only


ECU to Russia, cloned to spare 2020, full unlock -> FCT

Step 4

ECU to Russia, full unlock -> FCT

Step 5

Domestic unlock, partial -> Calibration tunes only

Step 6

Domestic unlock, full -> FCT

Step 7

Full unlock over OBD2 -> FCT

Do all 06.2020+ ECUs Still Need To Go To Russia for Flash Tuning?

🇷🇺 Yes 🇷🇺